Sunday Summary | 6.21.15

I’m on vacation! Well. Not yet. but I will be. I’m writing this post on Friday on my way to Mexico with my family. So you’ll have to forgive the Sunday Summary that isn’t quite a full summary yet. You’ll get this on Sunday and hopefully I will have fulfilled my expectations of myself.

Tuesday morning:
10 sets for max cals:
30 sec – C2 row @ high effort
rest approx 90 sec
~9 cal each set

Tuesday afternoon:
Run 3 miles

Wednesday morning:
Run 4 miles

Wednesday afternoon:
A1. deadlift: 10-10-10; rest 60 sec 90#
A2. kb or db overhead press: 10/arm x 3; rest 60 sec 18#
10 minutes – max rounds / reps:
10 goblet carry forward lunge
10 chin-up
10 dip
~5.5 reps
GHD sit ups – 30

Thursday morning:
A.5 sets – every 3 minutes:
3 back squat
B.5 sets – every 3 minutes:
5 db bench press
35# db/arm
C. 5 sets – every 3 minutes:
5 single leg kb romanian deadlift
44# kb

Thursday afternoon:
Run 3 miles


Rest day – traveling!

Plan for Saturday morning:

Run 6 miles
Plan for Sunday morning:

Ab and push up circuit


What have you done lately to shake up your exercise routine and keep things interesting?!

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