Rosemary-Thyme Herbed Nuts | Paleo, Vegetarian

Everyone seems to have a favorite herbed nut recipe, and there are TONS out there to choose from, so these are an easy thing to try all kinds of flavors of until you find one that you like. I’m excited to make variations of these over time. My brother had tried some herbed nuts that […]

Mango Avocado Salsa |Paleo, Vegetarian

My mom used to tell me that she thought mangoes tasted like gold. I didn’t agree for the longest time. I actually didn’t like mangoes and wouldn’t eat them. A few years ago she re-introduced them to me in Mexico and I fell in love. They are so sweet, but in such a golden way. […]

Zucchini Carrot Latkes |Paleo

I get a ton of carrots in my CSA box every week. Which is great, I love carrots. But you all know I like trying new things and get really sick of having the same roasted carrots every week, so I was excited to get creative with these and experiment with different flavors. I came […]

Savory Sweet Seed Bark | Paleo, Vegetarian

I used to love making my own lara bars and would get excited about trying different patterns of flavor. But then I found myself eating the entire batch of bars in one sitting. Not good. So I stopped making them knowing they were becoming a trigger for me. When making these, I didn’t expect the […]

Raw Brussel Sprout and Chorizo Salad | Paleo

Last week was a rough week. I was super lazy, not feeling so hot, and struggled to get out of bed. I hate those weeks. I don’t eat right, which then makes the whole ‘not feeling great’ thing go to an even more extreme level and my desire to workout transforms into a punishment for […]